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Alnico Magnets Handling

Alnico magnets are very strong and brittle and appropriate handling and packing is required. Most receiving departments are not familiar with the strength of Alnico magnets and this can result in injury or broken parts. All personnel that may come in contact with this alloy should be made aware of the dangers of handling these magnets. The brittle nature of the alloy can lead to flying chips if the magnets are allowed to impact each other or a solid surface. Larger magnets can become a pinching hazard if caution is not exercised. We urge all customers to discuss handling techniques pertinent to their magnets with a Dura team member.

Alnico Magnets Packaging

The packaging methods of Alnico magnetized alloys are dependent upon the magnet size and the customer requirement. A brief overview of Dura Magnetics standard packaging is listed below. Please alert your Dura contact if you require a deviation from these methods.

  • Quarter-sized or smaller magnets are usually put attracting in rows. These rows may be wrapped in foam or arranged “attracting” to form a layer.  The layers could be supplied attracting to form a “brick” geometry.  The bricks may be skin packaged on cardboard or wrapped in foam.
  • Magnets up to 2”square will be arranged attracting in rows with sizable spacers between each magnet. The rows can be arranged attracting with spacers running the length of the rows or individually wrapped in foam. Smaller quantities of these large magnets can go into an appropriate cardboard box, but larger volumes must be crated.
  • Large magnets, arrays, or assemblies will be packaged in wooden crates. Many times these products must be shipped via a LTL carrier.

Alnico Magnets Shipping

A majority of our Alnico Magnets are shipped ground by UPS, Fed Ex Ground, or LTL carriers. FAA guidelines consider magnetized material as hazardous goods when the field density emanating from the package sides exceed a specified value. Many air carriers will not accept magnetized material for air shipments. Dura Magnetics is able to ship via air, but a packing/handling charge may be applied for larger volumes. These charges are only applied in extreme cases to cover the cost of extra shielding and packaging material, labor, and necessary paperwork.

Alnico Magnet Storage

Alnico Magnets should be stored in a low humidity and mild temperature environment. The magnetized Alnico alloy is very strong and it will attract ferrous particle from the air and surrounding surfaces. These particles will accumulate and appear as small “hairs” on the surface of the magnet or packaging. To combat the accumulated debris, the magnets should be kept in closed, clean containers and left in their original Dura wrapping. The magnets should remain in the attracting condition with all spacers intact. Metal shelving with poor clearance may cause the magnets to jump or shift as they are accessed. Do not store any magnetic material near sensitive electronics, equipment with cathode ray tubes (CRT), or magnetic storage media. Magnets which are not of the same alloy may need to be buffered from each other because of demagnetizing effects.