Magnetic Concept Validation

Is a magnetic solution for your application possible? And if so, can it be manufactured in a way that’s both cost-effective and meets your performance criteria?

Answering these two questions requires an experienced team of engineers. At Dura Magnetics, we provide magnetic concept validation, the first step in any custom magnet or magnetic assembly project. We work closely with your team to understand the parameters of your application and develop a viable solution. Contact us to partner on your next project.

Our concept validation process

Magnetic concept validation requires extensive collaboration — an area where our team at Dura Magnetics excels. We have an AS9100D multi-step process to ensure the intended design concept can consistently yield your desired performance characteristics.

Design exchanges

Drawing reviews

Software simulations

Geometry mock-ups

Once a design concept is deemed viable, our focus turns to manufacturing. During this stage of the validation process, our engineering team explores how design variables may influence performance characteristics and how the magnet can be manufactured within your budget.

A critical component

While magnetic concept validation may at first seem like a time-consuming exercise, the process is central to the successful development and fabrication of custom magnets and magnetic assemblies. By validating and optimizing a magnet design for an application using simulation software, we can offer significant cost reductions. We can also significantly shorten design, prototype, and manufacturing lead times, leading to reduced product development costs. Contact us to get started on your next project.

Next Step:

Magnetic concept validation produces supporting documentation that empirically proves the viability of the proposed magnetic solution. Armed with this data, we can confidently move to the next phase of your project: design and engineering.