Dura Magnetics designs and delivers custom magnets and magnetic assemblies for customers in a variety of industries from disposable closures to satellite components. Those in the medical, aerospace, and defense fields look to Dura to deliver comprehensive solutions that meet their unique and stringent requirements.

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Why Critical Industries Choose Dura

Our full-service development capability employs 2D and 3D simulation packages to model the performance of a design well before the first prototypes are created. Utilizing our inventory of magnet material and state-of-the-art design and production facilities, we can quickly engineer and manufacture prototypes and final products. All parts are rigorously tested to meet customer specifications and AS9001 requirements prior to delivery.

Medical Industry


Many clients in the medical industry choose Dura to design custom magnetic solutions for intermittent/short-term contact with the body or for a permanent implant. These include magnets for surgical instruments, MRI components, magnetic stirring and more.

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Aerospace Industry


Dura Magnetics is a world leader in providing solutions for a broad range of aerospace applications. We have designed a variety of solutions from fluid flow meters to relays and switches, all of which are capable of performing in extreme environmental conditions.

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Defense Industry


For customers in the defense and military industry, Dura provides magnets and magnetic assemblies for applications such as servo motors and sensors, navigational equipment, and radar arrays. All products adhere to the country of origin regulations and exhibit high quality, high performance characteristics.

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Consumer Industry


Consumer products often have diverse and complex applications, but at Dura Magnetics, we have the experience and expertise to create custom magnet solutions to fit your specific needs.

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Industrial / Manufacturing Industry


The industrial applications of magnets and magnetic assemblies are numerous. At Dura Magnetics, we have the experience and expertise to help you find the best magnet solution for your performance requirements.

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Reasearch and Development Industry


If your research requires a proven partner that specializes in magnets, we’re here to help. We provide custom magnet solutions for universities and research laboratories for a variety of applications.

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