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Samarium Cobalt Stock Magnet Shapes

samarium cobalt stock magnet shapes

Block Magnets (Samarium Cobalt) -
Stock Grade 26MGOe
Dura Magnetics P/NBlock Magnet Dimensions
SC100100501.000" x 1.000" x 0.500" Th
SC200200502.000" x 2.000" x 0.500" Th
SC2002001002.000" x 2.000" x 1.000" Th

Disc Magnets (Samarium Cobalt) -
Stock Grade 26MGOe
Dura Magnetics P/NDisc Magnet Dimensions
SC12060.125” Dia x 0.062” Lg
SC12120.125” Dia x 0.125” Lg
SC12250.125" Dia x 0.250" Lg
SC12500.125″ Dia x 0.500″ Lg
SC18060.187″ Dia x 0.060″ Lg
SC18500.187″ Dia x 0.500″ Lg
SC25060.250" Dia x 0.062" Lg
SC25120.250″ Dia x 0.125″ Lg
SC25180.250″ Dia x 0.187″ Lg
SC25250.250″ Dia x 0.250″ Lg
SC25500.250" Dia x 0.500" Lg
SC37120.375″ Dia x 0.125″ Lg
SC37250.375" Dia x 0.250" Lg
SC37370.375″ Dia x 0.375″ Lg
SC37500.375″ Dia x 0.500″ Lg
SC50120.500” Dia x 0.125” Lg
SC50250.500″ Dia x 0.250″ Lg
SC50500.500″ Dia x 0.500″ Lg
SC62620.625″ Dia x 0.625″ Lg
SC75250.750″ Dia x 0.250″ Lg
SC75370.750″ Dia x 0.375″ Lg
SC75500.750″ Dia x 0.500″ Lg

Did You Know?

Neodymium magnets are the strongest magnet material available, with strengths ranging from 30MGOe to 52MGOe Energy Product.

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