Dura Magnetics offers industry-leading magnet design and engineering. Our magnet experts are here to help you learn more about our magnet assembly types and will help you decide whether they’re the right fit for your application. We also provide design and engineering support for customized solutions!

Dura Magnetics stocks various magnet materials and sizes for our customer’s urgent needs. Find our available Stock Alinco / Neodymium / Samarium Cobalt and Ceramic magnets below. If you are unable to locate what you’re a looking for in our stock parts, please contact our experienced sales staff as we can custom manufacture to your needs.

  • Full & Partial Length Round Bar Magnets
  • Square/Rectangular Bar Magnets
  • Plug Magnets
  • Round Horseshoe Magnets
  • Solid Disc Magnets (38 MGOe)
  • Ring Magnets (38 MGOe)
  • Block Magnets (38 MGOe)
  • *Max Operating Temperature: 300°C / 572°F
  • Block Magnets (26MGOe)
  • Disc Magnets (26MGOe)
  • *Max Operating Temperature: 250°C / 482°F
  • Solid Disc Magnets
  • Rectangle Magnets With Holes
  • Ring Magnets
  • Block Magnets

Interested in Stock Magnet Assemblies?

Select your desired magnet assembly type below for more information:

Offered in Ceramic and Neodymium with various fastening options.

High-grade Ceramic with Zinc-plated steel housing. Increased holding force in a small assembly.

Designed using high-temp Alncio magnets and mechanical fasterns – good to 800°F

Designed to your need using 2D/3D modeling to efficiently build to your requirement.

DFARS & ITAR Compliance

Limited availability of Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) compliant material can make small magnet production runs costly. However, we stock various grades at our U.S. facility, enabling us to provide cost-effective, DFARS-compliant magnets for all customers if needed, regardless of project size or requirements.