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Temperature Effects on Alnico Magnets

Alnico magnets offer the best temperature characteristics of any standard production magnet material available. Alnico magnets can be used for continuous duty applications where temperature extremes up to 930°F (500°C) can be expected. Temperatures above 1000°F will result in permanent metallurgical changes which can only be recovered by reheat treating. Excursions to lower temperatures pose less of a problem for most Alnico applications; however, each individual circuit should be examined carefully to determine the effects which may occur as a result of operating at those extremes. A Dura team member can provide specific guidelines concerning the temperature characteristics for a given Alnico grade magnet and make recommendations for their proper use.

Please refer to the Available Alnico Magnet Grades section of our website for specific thermal performance.

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Nickel/Epoxy/Parylene coatings can help reduce corrosion and chipping while extending magnet service life.

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