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Ceramic or Neodymium Steel Cup Magnetic BaseThe DMC Series of steel cup magnetic bases are magnetic cup assemblies containing a hole in the center and consists of a steel cup and a neodymium or ceramic magnet base.  The hole in the assembly provides a space for a variety of attachment possibilities.

Dura Magnetics supplies steel cup round magnetic base assemblies in a variety of stock dimensions and are available utilizing either ceramic or neodymium magnets for the base. If we do not have the size you are looking for listed below, we can also supply custom steel cup assemblies to meet your exact specifications. Simply contact us at 1-800-492-7939 or send us an email to discuss your project needs.

Ceramic Steel Cup Magnetic Base (DMC Series)
Dura Magnetics P/NDiameterHeightHoleWeightLifts*
DMC-1021.205″.188".125″.06 lbs5 lbs
DMC-1401-3/8″9/32″3/16″.06 lbs14 lbs
DMC-2002.0″ 5/16″3/16″.13 lbs35 lbs
DMC-8612-5/8″3/8″1/4″.37 lbs80 lbs
DMC-8663-3/4″1/2″3/8″.96 lbs120 lbs
DMC-8674.90″1/2″1/2″1.5 lbs200 lbs
Neodymium Steel Cup Magnetic Base - 80° C Maximum Operating Temperature
Dura Magnetics P/NDiameterHeightHoleWeightLifts*
DMC-200-ND-A2.0″5/16″3/16″.16 lbs80 lbs
DMC-200-ND-B2.0″5/16″3/16″.19 lbs125 lbs
DMC-861-ND 2-5/8″3/8″1/4″.44 lbs200 lbs
*Holding force determined under ideal conditions, safety dictates a workload 1/2 of maximum.