Unit of Measure and Conversion Factors

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Unit of Measure Systems
Unit Symbol cgs System SI System English System
Flux Ø Maxwell weber Maxwell
Flux Density B Gauss Tesla lines/in2
Magnetomotive Force F gilbert ampere turn ampere turn
Magnetizing Force H Oersted ampere turns/m ampere turns/m
Length L cm m in
Permeability of a vacuum μν 1 0.4π x 10.6 3.192


Conversion Factors  
Multiply By To Obtain
inches 2.54 centimeters
lines/in2 .155 Gauss
lines/in2 1.55 x 105 Tesla
Gauss 6.45 lines/in2
Gauss 10.4 Tesla
Gilberts 0.79577 ampere turns
Oersteds 79.577 ampere turns/m
Ampere turns 0.4π Gilberts
Ampere turns/in 0.495 Oersteds
Ampere turns/in 39.37 Ampere turns/in

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