Case Study: Metal & Cable Corp.

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Thanks to Dura’s personal service and consistent product, Metal & Cable Corp. was able to support reliable internet service during the pandemic.

The patented Magnemount System produced by Metal & Cable Corp. of Twinsburg was able to support consistent, reliable internet service to people working at home during the pandemic, thanks to their partnership with Dura Magnetics.

Metal & Cable Corporation produces a patented antenna and cable mounting system used by cellular phone companies and internet service providers across the U.S. The Magnemount system uses custom-designed magnets to take advantage of existing structures, such as water towers, without welding or epoxy. This system protects the paint and base metal of the structure but requires high-quality magnets and enclosures — something Metal & Cable wasn’t getting with their previous supplier.

David Klein, President of Metal & Cable Corp. Inc., knew it was time to switch, and he was looking for someone he could count on. “The people we had been working with [overseas] were far from professional,” he said in an interview. “I also wanted to deal closer to home, since we’re located in Twinsburg, Ohio.”

Dura Magnetics ticked both boxes: a professional supplier, right here at home.

“When I talked with [Dura], they were very professional in the way they approached our project. At that time” — nearly a decade ago — “we were very small,” Klein explained. “We might give them one order every other year. And they treated us the same way today, now that we’ve grown, as they did back then.”

As they do with all of their customers, Dura met with Klein, inviting him to tour their facilities, meet their people, and get an idea of the way they conduct business: with professional operations and a personalized approach to service. “They always have enough time to speak to me. All up and down through the company, they are very professional, and anything I ask for, they bend over backwards to help with.” It’s the Dura way.

Photo Courtesy of David Klein

Not only was the service top-notch, but the product Dura produced for Metal & Cable far exceeded that of Klein’s previous supplier in quality, consistency, and performance.

As the Magnemounts produced by Metal & Cable are installed outdoors, often in extreme-weather environments (salt air on the coasts, pollution and high winds inland), it was crucial that the magnets Dura provided were corrosion resistant as well as strong.

“The vast majority [of our products] are installed on steel water tanks. They are up in the air and visible to the general population,” Klein explained. It would be “really bad press for the water authorities” to see rust stains running down the tank as the result of poor-quality magnets.

But rust stains are never a problem with Dura magnets. Thanks to the powder-coated steel cup assembly and ceramic magnet base manufactured by Dura, the underlying water towers were safe from rust, protecting the paint and securing Metal & Cable’s Magnemount systems safely and professionally.

Photo Courtesy of David Klein

Continuous quality testing by Dura assures Metal & Cable of a high-quality, consistent product that meets all of their specifications, order after order. “We double check their data in-house. And they’ve always passed,” Klein said.

That consistency is extremely important, Klein continued. “We have a required minimum strength of the magnetic. [Dura] consistently meet the requirements, unlike our previous supplier. You can have hurricane winds hit it and it just sits there.”

High quality, on-time delivery, personalized customer service — the hallmarks of Dura Magnetics’ commitment to its customers. It’s an attitude Klein can appreciate, especially since Dura is an American company.

“If every contact I ever had with a supplier was as good as Neil [Hartbarger, Technical Sales at Dura Magnetics], as far as putting themselves in the place of the customer and what they truly need, this would be a happy world.”