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NEW TOOL AVAILABLE: Interactive Demagnetization / Permeance Coefficient (Pc) Calculator

After several months of programming, testing, and polishing, we have now made our interactive Demagnetization / Permeance Coefficient (Pc) calculator available for use on our website.  This powerful tool calculates the Permeance Coefficient for a given magnet based on the magnet grade, shape, dimensions, and operating temperature specified.

This tool also plots the Pc line on a graph that shows the various demagnetization curves for a given magnet grade.  To top it off, this tool allows for an export of the calculated results to a PDF showing your exact results, along with other technical properties about the magnet type specified.  This exported PDF makes for a great general reference sheet for any magnet-related engineering project you might be working through.

Check out the tool >>

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Alnico is frequently specified but improperly used for sensor applications. See our Magnetic Sensors Page to ensure you are designing your sensor triggering application correctly.

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