N55M Magnets Now Available at Dura Magnetics

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Powerful new grade of Neodymium added to our magnet offerings

N55 Symbol

A powerful new grade of Neodymium is now available at Dura Magnetics: 55 MGOe Neodymium. As the strongest rare earth magnetic material available for commercial use, N55M is about five- to six-percent stronger than N52 MGOe, our previously highest available grade.

Available N55M stock magnets

We stock seven sizes of N55M (Please contact us if you require a custom size):

0.125” dia0.060” Lg
0.125” dia0.125” Lg
0.187” dia0.060” Lg
0.250” dia0.125" Lg
0.250" dia0.250” Lg
0.312” dia0.250" Lg
0.375” dia0.125" Lg

N55M has a maximum operating temperature of up to 80 degrees Celsius. With a strong magnetic field, this grade of Neodymium is preferred for holding force applications that have size or space limitations.

Order N55M for your application

Selecting the proper grade of material for your application is key to the performance of your product. Refer to our guide on “How to choose a magnet grade” for more considerations that may influence this decision. You can also use our Demagnetization/Permeance Coefficient Tool and our Neodymium Magnetic Pull Force Calculator to test against different variables, including your material grade.  

To determine if N55M is the best grade for your application, contact our team at Dura Magnetics to discuss your project needs. Utilize our years of magnet experience and engineering expertise to help you find the best solution for your product design and budget.


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