Understanding DFARS Neodymium Standards

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Does your project require a custom DFARS-compliant neodymium-iron-boron solution? Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) neodymium material is a common requirement for magnetic components used in defense articles. It serves as a supply chain control to prevent Department of Defense contacted suppliers from sourcing sensitive materials from non-allied foreign nations which currently include China, North Korea, Russia, and Iran. However, it can be challenging to understand which DFARS requirements that your particular build must comply with.

Meeting DFARS Compliance Requirements

DFARS standards 225.7018 and 252.225-7052 – Restriction on Acquisition of Certain Magnets, Tantalum, and Tungsten prohibit the procurement of certain materials that have been melted or produced in any non-allied foreign nation. The production/alloying process of the materials is called out to include the powder formation (melting), pressing, sintering, bonding, and magnetization stages. The John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act (10 U.S.C. 2533c) is an amendment to this DFARS standard that added rare earth neodymium-iron-boron magnets to the list of materials that must be procured from an approved country of origin to be used for defense article applications.

 A common market misconception regarding DFARS neodymium material is that all U.S. magnet manufacturers comply with DFARS standards. While a U.S. company may be machining their parts stateside, it is possible that the material could be sourced from a non-allied foreign nation. Additionally, many western mills may source their neodymium powder from China which would consequently make the parts produced using that powder DFARS non-compliant. When choosing a DFARS neodymium supplier, be sure to discuss your DFARS compliance requirements.

Partner with Us

At Dura Magnetics, Inc., we have decades of DFARS experience and are ready to be your partner for your custom DFARS-compliant neodymium design. Contact us today to get started.


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