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Magnetic Saturation: Understanding Practical Limitations to How Much Induced Magnetism Can Be Achieved in a Workpiece

There are limits to how much induced magnetism is possible in different materials and similar workpieces of varying size, shape and configuration. The principle of magnetic saturation observes that there is a point of diminishing returns at which attempting more externally applied magnetic field (H) will give rise to no additional magnetic induction (B). Increasing the thickness of a workpiece is generally beneficial. However, these changes will likely impact cost, mass, and possibly ease of manufacturing. It is therefore beneficial to understand and control for the magnetic saturation of materials during the design stage…

What Is Magnetic Permeability?

A material’s magnetic permeability refers to its ability to align itself with a magnetic field. A high magnetic permeability indicates that a material easily aligns itself to a magnetic field. If it is difficult to align to the magnetic field, the material is said to have low magnetic permeability. Magnetic permeability can also be thought…