AS9100D Certification Gives Dura Magnetics Deeper Entry Into the Aerospace Industry

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In an ongoing effort to maintain leadership as a magnetic solution provider, we have earned our certification in AS9100D Aerospace Management Systems. This certification takes ISO9001 to the next level – requiring an even greater degree of quality and rigor to receive.

Our certificate can be found here: AS9100D Certificate.

For a supplier to receive the AS9100D certification, they must consistently deliver high quality materials on time.  A staple in the aerospace industry, most airplane and space manufacturers require their suppliers to receive this certification before agreeing to any contracts.

Receiving the AS9100D certification gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our knowledge and expertise in quality management. This certification reveals that we understand the best practices across the aerospace industry – one of the most rigorous and quality-driven industries in manufacturing. By integrating these practices throughout our own organization, we are able to further improve our current products and services.

As the NSF website reveals, achieving AS9100D certification is a challenging task. So why did Dura invest the time and resources necessary to prove ourselves in this area? For two reasons:

  1. Dura prides itself in being a leader in excellence. By becoming experts in the aerospace management system we gained tools and knowledge that will allow us to provide a higher level of quality and professionalism for all of our partners.
  2. As the aerospace industry continues to grow through both drones and space travel, Dura has recognized a phenomenal opening. Not only is there a growing market for magnets in this field, but there is also the opportunity to help shape history.

We are proud of our team for earning this certification, and we are excited about the enhanced quality and support this allows us to provide to our customers. Feel free to reach out to us if you have further questions about what this certification means and how it can assist us in better serving you.