AS9100D: How Certification Ensures Quality Magnets for the Aerospace Industry

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The aerospace industry relies on consistent quality and reliable performance from every part and component. To ensure these conditions, industry leaders have developed international standards, including the AS9100. This standard specifies requirements for quality management, the most recent revision being AS9100D.

At Dura Magnetics, we pride ourselves on being a leader in excellence. To assure our customers that we provide enhanced quality and support to the burgeoning aerospace industry, we became and remain an AS9100D certified manufacturer.

The AS9100D certification is a stamp of quality, identifying suppliers that follow strict industry standards. With this accreditation, you can be assured that Dura Magnetics is committed to industry best practices regarding quality and control.

AS9100D: A Refresher

Implemented in 2018, the AS9100D is a revised version of the AS9100 standard, which guides the implementation of a Quality Management System. This standard is specific to the aerospace industry, and builds on the general ISO 9001 standard of best practices.

AS9100 Rev D updates the previous revision of AS9100. It provides for human factors affecting nonconformity, meaning it requires a review of some elements that may be affected by human performance. It also addresses issues of public safety during production and integrates risk assessment systematically throughout the quality management process. Furthermore, configuration management standards ensure that the engineering process maintains consistent quality and performance.

Dura is AS9100D Certified

By being AS9100D certified, Dura Magnetics is able to provide a documented quality management system that ensures quality throughout the production process and beyond.

When designing for the aerospace, medical, and related industries, there is no room for error. That’s why a robust quality management system is essential, and the AS9100D standard reflects that.

As an AS9100D accredited company, we follow strict standards in the design, engineering, fabrication, and testing of our magnets. From the initial design to post-production quality assurance, we adhere to the rigorous standards necessary for high-performance aerospace components.

The Benefits of AS9100D Certified Suppliers

Why choose an AS9100D certified magnet supplier for your project? Quality assurance.  Other vendors may flood the market with bargain basement parts and components, but there’s no savings to be found if the magnet you buy is substandard. Using an AS9100D certified supplier eliminates the risk of subpar quality and performance associated with counterfeits in the marketplace.

Dura Magnetics magnets are designed and fabricated under strict quality control, reducing your risk and rasing your confidence of receiving the required quality every time.

More reasons to use AS9100D-Certified Dura Magnetics as your trusted magnet supplier:

  • Trusted quality management processes
  • Proven expertise
  • Continuous product improvement
  • Highest safety standards
  • Timely delivery

Dura Magnetics is committed to providing standards-compliant magnets for a wide range of aerospace and medical applications. Maintaining updated certifications as standards change is important to us, because it’s important to our customers. It’s also critical to the aerospace industry as a whole, which relies on advanced technology and consistent configurations in order to execute projects successfully. With our expertise and dedication to quality, we are able to support the industry in ways other suppliers and counterfeit producers cannot.

We strive to constantly improve the quality of the products we design and manufacture to maintain our reputation as supplier of choice, and to provide the highest level of service to our customers.

Reach out to our expert team to discuss how we can support your next aerospace, medical, or industrial project. Realize the benefits and enjoy the confidence of partnering with an AS9100D certified supplier.