Dura’s Sustainable Manufacturing Processes

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Dura Magnetics is taking a lead in sustainability

At Dura Magnetics, our advanced manufacturing processes design and fabricate a variety of magnetic solutions, including a wide array of custom magnetic assemblies incorporating Neodymium, Samarium Cobalt, Alnico, and Ceramic magnet materials. By their very nature, many of these processes are highly energy dependent.

Echoing an October 2021 article titled Sustainable Manufacturing Is Smart Manufacturing, that can be found on the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s, Dura Magnetics’ production managers constantly strive to develop and implement in-house sustainability methods to improve the manufacturing process. 

Dura’s staff is proud to have adopted many techniques recognized to improve sustainability in the manufacturing environment. Process engineers continue to evolve these sustainable processes with the shared goal of reducing our company’s carbon footprint.

Dura’s sustainability improvements strive to meet the needs of the present without compromising opportunities for the future. A brief summary of our efforts to conserve natural resources includes reducing energy consumption, eliminating energy-wasting processes, and improving recycling systems.

Below are highlights of some of our ongoing efforts within our offices and on the plant floor, impacting nearly every aspect of our business:

Facility Improvements

LED Lighting

LED lighting has been installed throughout the entire facility at Dura Magnetics. Advantages of utilizing LED lighting rather than traditional incandescent, fluorescent, or compact fluorescent lighting include:

  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Lower heat emissions
  • Longer lifespan

Furthermore, unlike fluorescent or compact fluorescent lighting, LED lighting does not contain mercury, a toxic heavy metal.

New HVAC system

A completely renovated HVAC system has upgraded our efficiency and lowered our energy costs. In addition, this high-efficiency HVAC system provides a manufacturing advantage in the production of magnets; we are now able to provide a more temperature-controlled environment, which makes holding tight tolerances of less than 0.001″ more consistent in production. By continuously improving our precision magnet manufacturing capabilities, we are able to more effectively serve clients with high-precision needs, including those in the aerospace and medical industries.

Our new programmable system also features smart controls to improve ventilation and temperature control efficiency.

Electrical System Upgrades

Dura has initiated a planned upgrade to convert older, single-phase electrical equipment to three-phase for improved energy efficiency during the manufacturing process. The first step in this upgrade included procuring two new, energy efficient grinders with more improvements in work.

Recycling Efforts

Metal Recycling

In an effort to keep as much waste as possible from entering landfills, we have undertaken a metal recycling program with a zero-landfill objective. As part of these recycling efforts, we are working with REEcycle, Inc., who are focused on developing effective processes for reclaiming rare earth materials from scrap magnets, electronics, and other waste products, with the goal of providing a viable secondary supply of rare earth materials for the industrial market.

Liquid Reclamation and Coolant Re-use

Dura has committed to 100% reclamation of spent manufacturing liquids by converting to an all-aqueous based coolant process and ceasing use of oil-based coolants for magnet fabrication processes. Aqueous-based coolants have many advantages over oil-based coolants, including improved recyclability.

Our policies ensure that all reclaimed manufacturing liquids are disposed of by a documented, environmentally approved waste facility.

Paper and Packaging

100% Digital Operations

We have instituted a zero-paper objective within company operations. This paperless initiative will reduce our dependence on paper, improve flexibility, and reduce costs.

Sustainable Packing

We have reduced the use of petroleum-based packaging material, replacing it with recyclable packaging products.

A Partner for the Long Term

At Dura Magnetics, we are striving to make sustainability an integral part of our business, ensuring potential negative impacts on the environment are mitigated. By continuously optimizing our operations with sustainability in mind, we strive to minimize the amount of waste created and energy consumed.

Efficiency and environmental stewardship are key factors in high-quality, responsible magnet manufacturing. The team at Dura is committed to long-term sustainability at all levels of our operations.

When it’s time to find an experienced, environmentally mindful partner for your magnet needs, turn to Dura Magnetics. Contact one of our magnet specialists to request a quote.